Mus Mus

(Muh-ss) (Danish for mouse mouse)

Chonker Mus is my first cat, he knows some tricks: sit, paw and kisses. He loves car rides and knocking things off counters. I did a vet program in high school and did his neuter and his vaccinations during the class


Sweet Honey loves all the attention, pats and affection but doesnt actually want you to pick her up. constantly begging for wet food


Handsome man joe loves cuddle before bed and first thing in the morning. loves licking hair because he doesnt like your style. will also play fetch with his favorite toy; sparkly green pompom


(Nee-kai-doe) (named after Dorohedoro)

Little Baby Nikaido is a very shy but sweet baby. even though shes not a kitten anymore she never grew big and still has the playful attitude. she loves rolling around on the ground and being brushed


(named after The Hunger Games President Coriolanus Snow)


Little Man Snow is my newest cat, costing me whole 2k for his pure-bred Ragdoll, which i plan on showing him in cat shows. He has come in with a sweet violent behavior and is out to be the top of the crew. he loves misbehaving, making biscuits and cuddling.